Torah thoughts by Rabbi Aron Rosenberg along with Kollel current events

“Take vengeance for the children of Israel against the Midianites…”

How can it be that Hashem desires that we take revenge against Midian when there is an explicit mitzvah not to take revenge against our fellows?

Sefer Mimaamakim asks, where does the desire for revenge come from? Ramchal says that a person is very sensitive to any slight to his honor and revenge is sweeter that honey, for only this will give him peace. But what benefit does the avenger really have? There is no personal gain. Why is it so sweet?

The pain which another causes to his friend, besides the superficial damage, awakens a damage to his very being That is, this insult or pain seemingly brings into question the very importance of his being. It is as if the damagers blood is redder than the victim. How can the victim find peace. Through the process of revenge.

The Midianim caused a deep blemish in Klal Yisrael, the abrogation of the covenant with Hashem. It was as if the Jews became a non entity in the eyes of the Midianim. In order to bring back the self worth of the Klal, in order to restore the balance, revenge was in order.

This is why Pinchas was chosen to lead the battle. He was the one who stood up for Hashem’s honor when it was terribly desecrated with the immorality of baal peor. He was also rectifying the injustice of the Midianim who took Yosef down to Mitzrayim. Both Yosef and Pinchas stood against the immorality of Midian, and Pinchas could restore the balance.

We however cannot take vengeance into our own hands. We have to realize that the events that shape our lives come from Hashem. A person would serve himself better by introspecting and delving into his own actions as opposed to taking revenge.

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