Matot 5774
Torah thoughts by
Rabbi Aron Rosenberg along with Kollel current events

SHABBOS    Lighting   8:02 pm  (early not before 6:50 pm)   Shacharis 8:30 am     Shema  9:14 am                Mincha 7:55 pm followed by seudah shlishis      Maariv   9:04 pm     Havdalah  9:12 pm

 “If a man makes a vow to Hashem…” (30:3)

The parsha begins with a discussion of two different types of vows: neder and shavuah. Instead of labeling the with the terms “oath” and “vow”, let us describe how they work.

A neder creates an issur cheftza, that is, the vow is verbalized by prohibiting an object, as in “The loaf of bread is prohibited to me like a sacrificial animal.” A shavuah is verbalized by prohibited or obligating an action, an issur gavra, as in “I will not eat the bread,” or “I will eat the bread.”

There are practical halachic differences. For example, if a person says “I will not sit in a sukkah” (action), he will still have to sit in a sukkah on Sukkos because he has a pre-existing obligation to sit in a sukkah. But if he says “Huts are prohibited to me” (object), he can not sit in a sukkah on Sukkos because the object became prohibited to him. He has circumvented his pre-existing obligation to sit in a Sukkah.

The Ramban points out that the language which the Torah uses in describing the neder and shavuah are different. The Torah says, ”If a man will make a neder to Hashem.” But we find “ I will make a shavuah by Hashem.”(Gen 24:3)
What is the difference?

The medrash says that a neder is like a person “swearing by the life of the king”, whereas a shavuah is like “swearing by the king himself.” Although this statement carries with it deep and esoteric meanings, perhaps we can give a simple explanation.

As we have said, a neder prohibits an object like a sacrifice. That is something which is being given to Hashem. The object becomes hallowed in a certain sense. But when a person makes a shavuah, he himself becomes the object of the oath. As it says in the verse, ”to prohibit on his soul.” Since his soul becomes the focus of his oath it is as if the “King” himself has been entered into the discussion since a person’s soul is a portion of Hashem.



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