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Mazel Tov
To Rabbi and Mrs. Jeremy Caplan on the birth of a girl and Meir and Aliza Belch on the birth of a boy. Much nachas!
Condolences to Dr. Ross Abrams on the loss of his father, Dr. Joseph Abrams z”l

“For the entire congregation is holy and Hashem is among them; why do you raise yourself over the assembly of Hashem?” (16:3)

Korach raised a rebellion against Moshe, but the exact results that Korach wanted are unclear. Did he want to oust Moshe? Did he want to deny all of the Torah that Moshe taught? Did he want to annul the position of Kohein Gadol? Did he want to be Kohein Gadol?

Moshe’s first response was to prostrate in helplessness. Then he offered Korach a means to determine the chosen leader. Everyone should bring an incense offering. Since Korach agreed with this plan it would imply that Korach did not reject Moshe’s authority completely. Rashi brings the Medrash that Korach and his followers wore talleisim of techeles, a hint that they were all worthy of priesthood, and this was the point of their contention.

What did the 250 men hope to do by offering the incense? Did they think that only one would be the Kohein Gadol? But isn’t that the point of the rebellion, that there should be no one man in that position? Rather they must have thought that all their offerings would be accepted, because they were all holy. While there may be a need for a single leader like Moshe there is no need for a single spiritual leader to act as a religious go-between. Everyone should be able to offer the incense.

And this was Korach’s claim. How can there be a system which limits my access to sanctity and connection with Hashem? Only a small handful can offer the karbanos? Even if we need a “melech” we do not need a Kohein Gadol. Everyone should be able to attain the highest aspect of sanctity if they wish.

What Korach failed to realize is that becoming close to Hashem is not dependant on external circumstances but what one does with the potential Hashem has given him.

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