Address : 3732 W. Dempster Skokie, IL 60076   Phone: 847-674-7959

The Kollel’s Core Purpose and Mission

The Skokie Kollel’s mission is to be the source for teaching Torah in the community, educate the community on proper Torah observance and be the place to go in the community for learning Torah. We provide a broad range of Jewish learning opportunities for people at all levels, from beginner to advanced.  The Kollel also provides:

* Community-wide presence – the “Pivot Point” of Skokie and the north suburbs
* Women-only classes led by women throughout the year
* Special seminars from prominent Torah leaders in and around the community
* Personalized, one-on-one attention from the Rabbinical staff
* Outreach to others, regardless of affiliation
* Opportunities for participants to lead classes or deliver a lecture
* Digital distribution of Torah through website, CD, podcast, recordings of classes
* Largest public Judaic library and audio collection in Skokie