Mazel Tov To Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai Paretsky on the birth of a boy. Mazel Tov to the grandparents Bert and Barbara Goldstein. Much nachas. Shalom Zachor 9:15pm and Bris 11:15am followed by Kiddush at 8819 Central Park.

              “The ritually clean person shall sprinkle on the unclean person on the third day and on the seventh day, and he shall cleanse him on the seventh day, and he shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and he shall become ritually clean in the evening.” (19:19)

The Rambam (Para 3:3) states that a person who was never ritually impure is not as “pure” as a person who became impure and then went through the purification process. This seems counterintuitive. The commentaries explain that when one purifies himself in a mikveh, the process is not one that removes his impurity, like a spiritual bath; his tumeh does not leave as a result of his immersion. Rather the immersion confers upon him a state of purity, or as we say, a “din taharah”. We could assume that the same applies to the sprinkling of the waters and ashes of the Parah Adumah. When the water and ashes are sprinkled on the contaminated person the Torah confers upon him a status of purity. Therefore we can understand the Rambam. A person who was never tameh was never assigned a particular status regarding his purity. A person who became pure through the Parah Adumah has been conferred with the status of purity, therefore his purity is on a higher level. We can see this in another interesting halacha regarding Parah Adumah. In order to show our disagreement with the Tzadukim, a heretical sect of Jews during the time of the Mishnah, we contaminate the Kohain involved with the Parah Adumah so that he should have the status of a “t’vul yom” – one who has gone through the purification process but whos purity is not complete until the sun sets. He is the one to prepare the Parah Adumah in his quasi-pure state. But if he is not pure yet how can he be involved with the Parah Adumah? The answer is that since he has gone through the purification process he has been conferred with a status of purity. Even if the impurity will not be totally gone until nightfall, the injection of purity is enough to establish him as a pure person for this level of service. (Chavatseles Hasharon)

 Shabbos Classes

  • 8:00 am…. .NO Emes L’Yaakov on Parsha with Rabbi Rosenberg
  • 11:00 am…NO Chovos Ha’levavos with Rabbi Worch
  • 6:05 pm….Gemara (for Young Men of All Ages) with Rabbi Worch
  • 7:05 pm…. Avos d’Rebbe Nosson with Rabbi Worch
  • 7:05 pm…. Minchas Chinuch with Rabbi Rosenberg

July 4th Legal Holiday Lecture and Breakfast

Rabbi Moshe Kaufman General Editor Feinstein Foundation

Your Money I$ Your Life-Interesting Questions about the Laws of money

9am following 8am Shacharis

for men and women

Avos U’vonim 2 hours before Mincha for 50 minutes.

All boys  (grade 3 – 8) and their fathers are welcome.

Women’s Shabbos afternoon classes.

This week June 28 at the home of Mrs. Sue Klein 8855 Hamlin  at 5pm. Guest Speaker Rabbi Yaakov Kreisman.


  Rabbi Oren’s class, Mondays at 8:30 pm A Telling Tale: Understanding the stories of the Gemara and applying them to our lives For Men and Women

Tanach Studv Group for Women

with Mrs. Liberman will meet June 30 at OT 10am


A six part series on  Toras Eretz Yisrael Come and join us as we travel on Tuesdays through Eretz Yisroel in the eyes of Halachah and Machshavah Tuesday 8:30 pm   July 1st Presented by Rabbi Mordechai Millunchick Jewish Geography:   The Middle of the World July 8thPresented by Rabbi Yakov Kreisman The Sanctity of the Land:  Can Kedushas Eretz Yisrael be Exported?  No class July 15th due to the Fast Day July 22nd Presented by Rabbi Aron Rosenberg Shemitta and Selling the Land: The Interplay of Commerce and   Kedushah Tuesdays 8:30pm  For men and women