If you walk in My statutes…I will bring the rain in its time…”

In regards to the punishments for disobeying Hashem, the Torah defines seven levels. But in regards to the blessings there are no levels. It just states if you walk in Hashem’s ways you will be rewarded with rain, abundance, health, etc. Aren’t there levels in serving Hashem which could be rewarded in levels, just as we find with the punishments?

Azanaim L’Torah suggests two approaches to understand this. Firstly, there really is no reward for mitzvos in this world. The true reward is beyond the appreciation of our limited experience. The rewards listed are a type of payment for our efforts, like feeding a hired hand. Therefore the rewards are not offered in stratas. But in Hashem’s kindness, He will bring discomforting situations on man to give him the impetus to repent. This can occur level after level. In this way the person can be punished in this world and still receive reward in the world to come.

Alternatively,  when a person sees he is slipping in his service to Hashem, he should catch himself before he slips to a second level. Therefore he is warned in stages. But to praise a person that he can become a totally righteous person, reaching level after level, might bring him to haughtiness.